Santa Monica Close-up

Fabian A. Lewkowicz

Fabian A. Lewkowicz is a local, award winning, professional photojournalist who has been internationally published. He is a freelance press photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Press, Santa Monica Mirror and the Santa Monica Observer, and has been published in The Los Angeles Times and has been picked up by the Associated Press (AP).

Fabian publishes, a photo journal of every-day life in Santa Monica, which receives visitors from 204 countries worldwide and gets more than 1,000 hits per day!

Fabian’s vision and passion is to capture and share with the world the natural scenic beauty of Santa Monica from the sunrises to sunsets: the shoreline, mountains, seascapes, wildlife, architecture and its inhabitants.

In addition to the California Heritage Museum, Fabian’s photographs are currently featured at the Santa Monica History Museum and the historic Flinkman building located here on Main Street.

Unframed photographs in this exhibition may be purchased for $125. Please contact the staff office for additional information.