Project: Warhol

Lou D’Elia photography, and collaborative artworks with Gus Harper and Gino Perez

In 1979 artist Lou D’Elia had the opportunity to photograph Andy Warhol when Andy was in Los Angeles to help his friend, Wally Amos, celebrate the four-year anniversary of the opening of his first retail ‘Famous Amos’ cookie store at 7181 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California. D’Elia was allowed close access to Warhol, and using his Nikon F2AS 35mm camera with a 50mm portrait lens, he took twenty photographs of Warhol, but never printed them because a technical issue had caused the camera negatives to shift red. The images were thought lost/useless for over three decades, however, in early 2017, with the technical assistance of Noureddine El Warari, well-known master printer of photography, the camera negatives were returned to their vintage original life.

Printed and on exhibition for the first time are D’Elia’s photographs, and a series of photo/paint collaborative artworks with fine art painters Gus Harper and Gino Perez.