D. J. Hall

Selected Works 1974 – 2012

November 28, 2012 – March 31, 2013

D.J. Hall's paintings are inspired by the artist's visits to Palm Springs' pools and resorts and Los Angeles' posh Westside and beaches. Depictions of privileged, beautiful women grinning with self-satisfaction against the inevitable ravages of time became the basis of Hall's imagery. Employing a realist style of painting, the artist celebrates the color and quality of light in sunny environments. Yet, these emotionally charged works pack compelling thoughts for viewers who choose to look beyond faces and scenes. Beneath the surface beauty lurks a certain "edge" evoking an uneasy feeling that something is amiss. In revealing herself through these poignant and personal images, the artist lures us into deeper consideration of our own yearnings for eternal youth and our inability to face what inevitably comes with human mortality.

Combining a skill for capturing intense color and light and portraying women, her images often feature other genres within the painting- including still life, landscape, and water studies. Reflected in her artwork is her pre-occupation with fleeting youth, aging, and the cultural expression of self-image.

Excerpt from D.J. Hall: Thirty-Five Year Retrospective Catalogue, curated by Katherine Plake Hough.